Badge Monitors Needed


Ok… so with the points system getting a lot of interest, and the @Captains seemingly decided on amounts of points for each badge (or atleast they have gone a bit quite on the subject) then we need to get ontop of the whole people getting badges thing… traditionally this has kinda fallen to my (notoriously bad) memory… so we need a better system

So I was kinda thinking we need some “badge monitors” maybe one from each team.

Duties would not be too heavy.,… making a note of who earns what badge… (I guess some of that may mean settling some disputes ) handing me a list of names to award badges… being in charge of and handing out the physical badge stickers…

so volunteers? (or nominations from team captains) we will need a few here :smiley:

The descriptions of the badges also need fleshing out a bit.

Punks do Japfest 2017

Im happy to monitor with and for my team.

I have set up a topic in the team awesome barracks and have asked the team to put forward any points/ badges they think theyve earned into that thread.

It would be useful if you could pop the link to the PDF /speadsheet of the points so far? :slight_smile:


there is a link in the captains area here :smiley: which should help for a little while feel free to re-post it in area accessable to your team, I will get Webdev to make a display area made for it that works better than my crappy rendered PDF :smiley: then get a link up so everyone can see it properly…


Cheers ears… Will try a few ways of getting this into TeamAwesome barracks…


hell… here is the crappy layout PDF for all to see, will get a proper display location sorted out this week.


happy to help out where I can


Happy to take on the role for the T.W.A.Ts.

However, this may be an easy job as there is just 3 of us :joy:


It’ll be an across the board responsibility… but would like members from different teams to be in on it to monitor the monitors lols


I kinda figured we need members from each team to monitor team points, then some kind of overall " watchman " (think that should be the badge name!!) to make sure no one is cheating :smirk:

Ive offered @TEAMAwesome a spreadsheet to keep updating with our points… Have put up a section in the barracks for people to add their new points and reason…

So a badge/ point monitor needs to…

  • Keep up with awarded badges

  • keep track of all points earned

  • what else @Yetidragon?


Points will automatically assign from the badges, so no need to point count :smiley:

Really just the stuff in the OP :smiley:


Lol. Really isnt very clear. Guess I need a whole evening to get to terms with it and if I do…


Who and where is keeping track of all of the points earned from blogs, submitted photos and all that kind of jazz? I understood thats what was being asked here :joy: obviously we know the forum tracks forum related badges… But who is tracking the /other/ points?


are badge monitors going to be able to see what the forum is tracking in respect to the badges, or something in place where monitors and/or captains can see who is earning what?


The Forum badges will track everything… I think the confusion comes about that some of the badges are assigned automatically by the forum, and some are based entirely on real world stuff that we have to tell the forum who has earned what badge…

for example… the “Autobiographer badge” earned by filling in profile on forum, auto awarded by forum.
Helping set up at the shows “home maker” badge… the forum cannot assign this manually, so we need to note who has helped, and tell the forum they have earned the badge.
Same for stuff like blog posts, photos etc, we need to take note of who has done stuff and award the badge.

So monitors would make notes of who has done what and then get admin to assign the badges on the forum.
If someone makes a blog post, they would let Monitors know,

from here magic happens… Each badge has a number of points assigned to it… the forum adds it all up and displays a scoreboard. (actually it appears on the website… but I don’t wanna confuse stuff)

We should also be able to get it to display points “this month” or “between dates x and y” that sort of thing.

As a VERY rough indication.
this was just a rough proof of concept a couple months ago, and is not running on live data so is not up to date, but it shows how data can be pulled from the forum and displayed in a very rough scoreboard. This one is only showing total number of badge earned ever and does not yet take into account points weightings of each badge.

feed back on who is earning what can be seen on peoples profiles,



Thank you for clearing it up a little :slight_smile: so really youre looking for a person/ peoples to track badges earned for things the forum doesnt auto generate…

I am still happy to Mod my own team, keep track of badges earned and report back to admin to administer said new badges… I appreciate other team captains may have too much to do already… And that there are people who arent even in a team that will need their badges/ points logging.

So am I right in saying, that what Punks needs is various volunteers to track badges for everyone/ just their team/ teamless folk…?

How do you want to be informed of new badges? Are we gonna use the original thread that @linkheroz started here?

Missing Badges Thread


#TEAMRPG Badge monitor volunteer is @Kimbo :smiley:


great, now its all starting to make sense, im sure more peeps will start reading more into this and who knows, maybe things will get more efficient in the near future rather than the long run, great job guys, really great, im awarding badge for brilliance (its all in my head)


If we need someone semi-impartial then I’m happy to do that. However, it sounds like it might be easier to “crowd audit” the badge allocations (e.g. wait for someone to object to a badge award) than positively vet the captains/monitors nominations.


at the moment it is about getting any records lol… you know what my memory is like :smiley: I think there will be some sorta appeals process lols, but for now just need to get going! :smiley:


I’m happy to help out however.