Bad Trackpunk badge

A badge for track punks who receive the black flag for improper track behaviour - not for mechanical failure / other reasons.

Example on a track day be black flagged for getting the car on two wheels or drifting or spinning repeatedly.

Aims: to poke a bit of fun at bad driving etiquette this badge should only have one level - as repeat offending is not to be encouraged

  • Yes
  • No

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*definitely not inspired by having received many many black flags and subsequent telling offs

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Had already voted @ScORTED:stuck_out_tongue:

@Yetidragon there’s a new badge to be Had!!


well thats our designated 10 votes, so we have a new on e: you know this one is gonna have minus points tho don’tcha :smiley:

I’m ok with that… since I never usually get them… and the only day I’ve had the black flag was on a non punks related day… so doesn’t count… also, it was Nick Dougills fault for pushing me to go faster :joy: