Autumn super peaks run in october


hey all, with the summer peaks run still fresh in our minds its time i looked at getting ideas for the autumn and possibly last peaks exclusive run out as next year we are looking at other areas to incorporate so want to make this one special. October 28th is currently looking like the date for this one. let me know your thoughts and will come up with some ideas.


It will be special as it’s day after my birthday so I may be a little hung over if I’m there!!


hopefully if a plan comes together t will be a later start time


@Lokki we still on for this date yeah? if so I will get the event up on facebook along with the meet the night before :smiley:


Yes the date is good


still waiting for time confirmation on venues, but dates are agreed with them. just needs an event creating in the punks group and i will add the info as it comes in


ok back from holiday now, over the next few days our fearless leader will make a fb and a page here for it all because i suck at it