Any PC Gamers that would be up for Assetto Corsa?

Hi everyone :smiley:

With the recent releases of Xbox X and PS5 the topic of gaming comes up quite a bit… unfortunately Kara is costing quite a bit to put together , so I aint gonna be buying a console anytime soon, but I do have a decent PC that will run Assetto Corsa well enough… Anyone else here playing on PC?

I’d be up for a bit of gaming, although my work schedule could make it awkward.

Hey, i’ve been meaning to get this. I’m currently waiting for one of my mates to get his 3080 delivered so i can get his old graphics card to actually play it though, Hopefully that will be soon, i’ll give you a shout when i get it sorted

I have Assetto Corsa, and would potentially be up for a race. But I am pretty terrible at it.

Hey, don’t know if you’re still looking for people to jump on with but I recently pulled out my steering wheel and reinstalled assetto corsa and am always down for a game. :love_you_gesture:

I use iracing if that’s any good to you