Announcing 'Punks Teams!


@Yetidragon Any news on the points scoring system? @TEAMAwesome need to know by how much we will be winning after this weekend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s in the captains discussion area at the moment :slight_smile: and we are working on how to track the scoring :slight_smile:


Moar @TEAMToku slap designs


Introduce yourself.... and your car :D

I’m ready to be assigned to a team please :smiley: I’m sure one of you will accept a now not so rusty old 5 to the team


Don;t think its the car that is the deal breaker @Dougy lols


I’m sure I’d make a great addition to any team other than @TEAMGaijin but that’s because they’re a bunch of gaijin’s
I fancy team @TEAMToku or @TEAMAwesome if they’ll have me


@Dougy you’re very more than welcome to be part of @TEAMToku!


I’m in! Just like the team banner from initial D :slight_smile: how do I link it up to my profile?


@Dougy If you click your avatar icon in the top right corner and then the little cog symbol it’ll take you to your Profile settings. From there you can upload a photo for your profile :slight_smile:


Posting out my @TEAMGaijin stickers to my fellow team mates today. Massive thanks to our main man @Yetidragon.


@Sketchy It would be an 名誉 (honor) to be part of your team :jp:


Added!! And then there were 5 :blue_heart:


Ffs that’s my line!!!


No way, you have team adding powerz too you know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: PM inbound…


Now we are five

Yōkoso @Jorge_Simoes san. The 名誉 (honor) is entirely that of the @TeamToku Kazoku. You grace us with not one, but two Kūru cars, and epitomise team ethos with your origins.
‘Bem vinda’


Why is my @TEAMAwesome captain @JDM_Clare, repping a @TEAMGaijin logo?:worried:


Thank you very much, hope to have a good time with you all :smiley:


Fixed it now Frank :see_no_evil: I made a quick vid on how to add team members for Sketchy-san, turned out he already knew anyway, I just have better internet access up here in the North and stepped on his toes like he stepped on my dog! :sweat_smile:


…only in boots that she’s gotten too big for instead of flip flops