Announcing 'Punks Teams!


Haha yeah it does look a lovely place, poor choice of words on my behalf :confused:


Can I join a team?
Slightly unreliable and goes home early to get his tea, can talk bollocks with the best though.


Are you willing to put a screw in a cap?


Ive heard through the grapevine that @TEAMGaijin gone did done another final recruitment… Welcome @MykeX5, lets see Whatcha got :smile::muscle:


Yes…yes I am.


Arrr thar be the spirit


I can’t stand this wierd flirting any more!!!

@MonkeySpanker - I’ve added you to team Scrap and poo or whatever it’s called!!!

Bon voyage @TeamCapnsCrew!


Aha my plan worked


@TeamToku Slap Design


Speechless. Just awesome @hoodedreeper, I’ll pm you sometime and figure out getting these made.

We may be distant outcasts but we know how to team!!!

@TeamToku Danketsu sa semasu!!!


Cheers Sketchy…I think :smiley:


@Yetidragon did some stickers for Team Gaijin because he’s a top bloke like that. Will have to collect them when I’m next in the shire. @Isomx @MykeX5 I expect you to be rocking these :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are fortunate that the sticker suits my sense of aethetics and will suit a white car :wink:


Are we getting @TEAMAwesome stickers?


One would hope so… Maybe I have to design them myself… Apparently I dont get first dibs on stuff anymore :broken_heart::joy:


#TEAMRPG designs all ready under way and few other bits being mocked up :smiley:


Hmm. I will see if i can get a design or two drawn


Hope all your team’s artists’ are as good as @TEAMAwesome 's


love it :smiley:watchout tho… @TeamToku as a team of youthful artists…


@Yetidragon I look forward to seeing the competition!