Announcing 'Punks Teams!


I’m probably going to echo what the others are saying, but as I’m unsure how likely it is that I’m going to reach 10 members - I’m happy for that to be the upper limit :slight_smile:


I’ll join @Sketchy with @TeamToku as i too live in the middle of no where :slight_smile:


…If you build it, they will come, now we are two.

Yōkoso Reeper San. It is great honour to have you in the @TeamToku Kazoku. You bestow intense purpleness on our team.


Added ya! @Sketchy you has member


Looking for a team…


Team RPG❤


@Sketchy I will be on your team… @Yetidragon can have @painterdave (Id hate to break up the bromance :wink: x


Now we are three.

Yōkoso @Emily chan. It is great honour to have you in the @TeamToku Kazoku. Your presence brings our team much wine drinking capabilities and girlness.

…sign her up @Yetidragon :wink:


love the idea of the teams and team unnamed should be its name permanently cos its just so casual lmao…but cant do many events this year so not many points to contribute…that said i got 4 trackdays booked this year already…and a 2500mile eurotrip…and the nurburgring…so its my own fault haha


I’ve added her for you Sketch… Think you should have the same admin rights! Hit team name and Add a member :blush:

@TeamToku is now 3 :hugs:


Ahhhh, Roger that @JDM_Clare, I does indeed have powers.



@Spanky, am I adding you or what? Australia is pretty far away…


Yes please


Now we are four.

Yōkoso @Spanky san. Such pride to have you in the @TeamToku Kazoku. You bring us amusing language from the opposite corner of the earth and soon to be interesting sleeper.
Cher bro.
:new_zealand: :oncoming_automobile::zzz:


@L_Edge90 if you wish to spend your time making nautical puns while not going to many shows, we’ll have yer aboard


Ooooh, R you doing a recruitment capin?


No one else has offered to take him, poor chap


Thank you very much :slight_smile: I’ll try to be a good attender, just all the good shows are miles away ha


Miles away? …You think you got problems!!!

I’ll add you to team cap and screw any minute now…


Haha @Sketchy yeah there’s always someone else in a worse position :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, don’t get me wrong, my position is beautiful…

…It’s just miles from anywhere :joy::joy::joy::joy: