Announcing 'Punks Teams!


@TEAMGaijin s currently only 1 member off the initial limit…


I thought I’d managed a full house?y recruitment process was dubious I’ll admit but I was sure I had 5 members? Or is it team captain +5?


Its been up and down, was initially 10, then 5… Holding firm at 6 for the foreseeable :slight_smile:


I need to bully someone else into joining me then in case @Isomx defects :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Yetidragon That sounds perfect to me. Easy artwork when you can pinch it off the internet then :wink:


So who else we got then?

Only updates I’ve seen on here were me and you and a dragged along midget?


Team RPG, Obviously The Best Team Ever!! :joy:
Being a member gets awesome advantages such as free cups of tea at RPG, mechanical advice, internal rewards for achieving team points like some sort of discount off work and plastic dip treatment :laughing:.
Presumed Members


All hail Team RPG yeahhhhhh yeahhhhhh yeahhhhhh :+1:


@Isomx you can view group / team members by clicking on a tag to the team name, you can also tag the whole team at a time and they get notifications but here is the current Gaijiin list :smiley:


Team RPG


Team Limits… this has bounced around a little… we started with a 10 member limit, then down to 5, At present up to 6… what does everyone feel the team should be limited to? we will have provision in the scoring to level the playing field between large / small teams.
Looking to the captains for input here @JDM_Clare @linkheroz @Pip @brg_jay @Sketchy @corders @websa

Lets decide on a number for this year… we can adjust next year if we don’t like it.


I would say 10 members is a good number as not every member will be available for each event. For any team competition we could maybe put forward say 3 members which gives us reserves ect. What we don’t want is having an event where a team only has 2 members attend and being at a disadvantage.


Stickers are required


Yaaaaay for team rpg


Max numbers dont matter to me as im unlikely to hit the limit so may as well go for 10


Pretty much what @Corders said (@Team cap n screw).
My team is for the geographically challenged, the outcasts and those doing Ronin. I’ve no idea as to an upper limit, as I’m unsure quite how a team as such will manage to amass many points.
I say just roll with whatever, and as it goes on, I’ll figure a way to include my people!!!

@Fizbne you’re pretty far away and unlikely to get any points. I has team for cunts like you! Hai???


If you only score the top few. i.e. you only score points for a max of 3 people your team size won’t matter too much and the maximum points you can score isn’t limitless.


Team PMS for the win!!! You best be ready @Yetidragon


@TEAMRPG obvs :joy::joy::joy: :hugs::hugs::hugs:


TeamRPG :ok_hand: