Announcing 'Punks Teams!


Yeah… Don’t go cheap… You guys do a lot of “scorable” stuff!

Oh… And you can @mention team names and all members get alerts…


@Clive_Bussey if we can get him back on the forum (is this a good idea :joy:) has an actual recovery truck… You can sit and wait for the AA with @ScORTED Corders, idc!!

You are right @Isomx, you have alot to offer… And yeah, as much as @Yetidragon is a busy guy, even more reason to support him and work together to get his -yet to be named- team some points!

But I would love you to be on @TEAMAwesome, kinda second best I know :wink: but I’d even take your midget… And I’ll be earning as many, ( if not more points with all my spare time) than the Punkfather… You know I’ve written half the blog posts and go to every event, right? :muscle: #TEAMAwesome doesn’t beg… Just laying some facts out :smirk:


I can’t convince you to join RAD, we won’t be at that many shows haha. We’ll get our point through track days etc.


There will be soooooo many ways to get points! Once show season starts (well, we have a track day in March, read more here…)

We will be adding new ideas and ways to get points as we go along, it’s all a learning process and community input will help get us there quicker!

So far we’ve got ideas like convoys, organising stuff, attending events of course, Uploading/ sending videos to the YouTube channel, certain amount of likes/ linked to forum badges and sharing links (forum alresdy does this, read more on badges here…)

As well as submitting photos, being Punks Tog for the day, writing blog posts, invited new members, Mark has mentioned stuff like the shopping runs, I reckon we will give points to super helpful people at events and shows, cus that’s Deffo worth rewarding, so many more…

We will fill the OP out over coming days with more info on how to get points, but for now, use your imagination and post up or even PM any suggestions! It’s all good fun!

Punks YouTube channel here for any non subscribers!


Just saying… #newrecruit

GO @TEAMAwesome!!!
Welcome on board @MickX5 :muscle:

Think I’m in the lead with awesome team numbers now @JoeDM :stuck_out_tongue: ner ner


Can I be in a team pleeeeeeease!!!


i think clare’s team needs some members


@corders shes gotta be getting close to limit by now


So? We do better skidz :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you should wipe better :wink:


@Frank_Hall, I wanna pick you cus you’re awesome!!! But you’d have to come to events and earn my team some points! I would have to pick up alot of your slack… :thinking:

I like you… You’re in :joy:


Ok… So I’m a 5 member team now… Think @Yetidragon has set a limit to 6 for now… Maybe things will change later in the year :smile:


I swear he was being sarcastic :joy:


@JDM_Clare @Yetidragon, how many points do you get not only attending, but organising a track day? :joy::joy:


OK, so me, @Niko, @DriftyEwok and @Trikelife

Together our combined forces form

The perpetual motion squad


See, this is what I weighed up :wink:

Things will all be rewarded with different amounts of points, so yes, your contributions are highly valuable to me now muhaha :wink:

Just need one more… But im putting on hold my recruitment’s since its only January :joy:

@brg_jay… Love it, Yeti will be on the artwork shortly (not long got home from the engine swaps!!) but errrr… PMS? :joy:


Lols… BBT fans? Red “PMS” on a blue background?


Ok well, it’s sounding awfully like the punk father is lacking numbers and could do with the help. @JoeDM since there appears to be a lack of interested Gaijin other than us, what about a merging of teams?

Matt could probably use the help to be honest…


@Yetidragon has several members, they’re just not added to the team yet or or got their ass on the forum to put their name down :joy: if you think I’m selective, Yeti has been worse, don’t let him fool you :joy: and @TEAMGaijin has a few new recruits @JoeDM is bringing to shows, unless I’ve got confused! All this aside, it’s only January, plenty of time for recruitment as we go!


My team is at 50% strength at the moment… Most delay is waiting for inspiration for the name lols.