Announcing 'Punks Teams!


@Bearhood is now @TEAMAwesome :slight_smile:



@JDM_Clare, I’m already booked for first japfest, when’s the 2nd? Definitely want to do jae this year but not booked yet and you know I’ll be at the Super peaks meet without fail! Even brought a golf to the last one.
Not convinced I can bring a new friend to each, but have a friend coming to first japfest so it’s a good start.
Lets see If I’ve booked jae by the time super peaks comes round :joy:


Lmao!! Come on then, I’ll take you :joy: just so you know, mostly cus of Lily-May :joy::kissing_heart:

@Yetidragon add another please?

@Bearhood it’s OK, I can’t always read straight and your YouTube link made up for it :joy:


Oh @Jay_Moss Japfest 2 is back at Donington on July 1st :smile::smile:


@Jay_Moss is now @TEAMAwesome


Sick. Thanks captain!


You can call me boss lady. :smile::joy:


Well that sounds like a birthday outing for Lily-May! Birthday japfests all round! :joy:

Thanks for letting me on the team Captain!

@Bearhood have we met team mate? :joy:


@JDM_Clare sure thing boss lady!

@Jay_Moss probably have been to shows together, couldn’t say if we’ve met or not though :joy:


@Bearhood Maybe not then as I only did super peaks and mx5 national rally last year. Will you be attending super peaks in Feb?


Ahh I was at the rally! Albeit I did spend most the time watching the racing :joy: I’ll try to get to the super peaks meets this year :slight_smile:


Can I be considered for a spot in RPG @Pip? :wink:


@ScORTED join the capns crew fgt


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Just noticed I didn’t think I’d actually picked a team yet, but I appear to have been conscripted!


Oh dear… @JoeDM practicing illicit recruitment techniques already? -100000 points! Lols .
I can free ya from your irons if ya want @Isomx


HAHA!! Tried to make me feel inferior with my lesser members @JoeDM muhahaha!!

And no way… @ScORTED… Captain hardly goes to anything…think of all the amazing points you could rack up on track days and stuff with me and @TEAMAwesome!! :muscle: think about it dude… Will love you either way :roll_eyes:


Well I’m not saying I won’t join Team Gaijin… I still might…

I just hadn’t decided yet, there are pros and cons to all of the teams so far!

Team Unnamed

Pros - Why work for the punks when you can work for the punkfather
Cons - He’s a busy fella that punkfather

Team Awesome

Pros - I’m lazy and threat of physical violence is a great motivator
Cons - Physical violence

Team Rad

Pros - Drifting offers loads of good picture and blog possibilities
Cons - I drive a fwd Honda

Team Sheffield MX5’s

Pros - Membership criteria seems simple enough
Cons - I’m not moving to Sheffield and I don’t have an MX5

Team Toku

Pros - Minimal expectations
Cons - I want to win

Team Gaijin

Pros - Non-MX5’s will stand out amongst the masses of MX5’s
Cons - Are there enough non-MX5’s?

Team Cap’ns Crew

Pros - I see Corders and Megan more regularly than I do members from other teams, and this is essentially my “local” team
Cons - FFS Corders is a cathphrase for a reason…

Team Japcrap

Pros - Seems to have a lot of members
Cons - I don’t know any of the members

So you see I’m kind of thinking the team captains are going to have to sell it to me a bit more to help me decide :wink:

Seeing as me and Sue do quite a few shop runs, and do odds and sods like mess about with lights etc I figure that could be some valuable pointage so I’m not going to sell myself cheaply :wink:


Scorted will be the Crew’s official Holder Of Breakdown Cover

Who else can offer that title?

Mark, you can be the Crew’s Official Clutch Engager