Announcing 'Punks Teams!


Any non-MX5 owning punks want to join team Gaijin? Is Mark Andrews on here with his Teg?




Ta mate


done matey :smiley:


@JDM_Clare @Yetidragon @Sketchy

Looking at current team options and have narrowed down to these 3.

Time to sell your team! What can I expect in each team and why would we be better than the others! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thaanks @yetidragon

Go for a blue background and see if that works

If anyone wants to join they are welcome to :slight_smile:


you has a lovely sea blue background now :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


Maaaad. Thanks yeti!


Well @Jay_Moss, I guarantee loss and failure as a result of no points due to location, lack of motivation, too much beachlife and generally not being bothered! A pretty weak bet if you ask me.
Where as @Yetidragon will show you his boobs upon joining Team Nameless and joining @TeamAwesome will mean @JDM_Clare will send you dick pics.


@Sketchy, you’ve pretty much convinced me not to join your team in one foul swoop there :joy::joy::joy:

Boob flashes and dick pics are equally tempting, I should maybe also consider the repercussions from my daughter if we aren’t on @JDM_Clare’s team!


Join my team and you get to use nautical terms to describe things


Hello I’d like to team plz. someone do a choose!


Um. Lolno


@Bearhood do you solumnly swear to do your best to attend as many as 5 Punks shows this year, possibly take some epic photos for me to use in blog posts and @Yetidragon to Splash around the website as well as try and recruit at least 1 new friend for every show you attend?

This may seem alot, but there are conditions to being awesome :wink::smile::joy:


@Jay_Moss… Same applies, no matter how cute your accompanying little friend is… #teamawesome has criteria to meet!!


as many shows as I can AND recruit a friend each time? I wont be coming to many shows then… :joy:


You scared of making new friends? :joy: and at least 5…, c’mon dude that’s just both Japfest’s, JAE a super peaks meet and another of your choice! Pfffttt… Wheres the committement these days :joy:


OH! I misunderstood what was being asked of me haha, and then making a joke about not having enough friends to come to many shows if I had to recruit one of them every time. I guess I can do what you’re asking of me :joy:


Oh god… Off to a great start :joy: added to the requirements, must read competently without assistance :joy:

Ok, dude, you’re in!!

@Yetidragon, how do I add my new recruit to #TeamAwesome?


can’t guarantee I won’t need my hand to be held with the reading thing… soz.