Announcing 'Punks Teams!


Yeah, there are a few more than 10 of you guys!! But, I’m pretty sure @Yetidragon will be able to work something out with you!


Was actually thinking about limiting it to 5 per team for the first year, otherwise we would end up with 1 or 2 massive teams, then a few with just 1 or 2, which would make scoring a pain in the ass to help balance for membership.

could be possible to do multiple subteams tho, like SheffieldMX5s “Team 1” (insert cool name) SheffieldMX5s “Team 2” (insert cool name) so you guys can get some internal competition going too.

Might then be able to extend this to other large groups too and have a 3rd scoreboard for the groups of teams… I’ll think on :smiley: It is all in planning stages so can talk over a few different schemes before deciding on final layout.


You can put me @killachipmunk and @Milton on team RAD :smiley:


Done :slight_smile: should update over night :slight_smile:


Who wants me on their team then? :grin:


Hello, I would like to start a team under the name “Team Gaijin” for non-MX5 owners. For those who don’t know what the word “Gaijin” means it means “Foreigner/Outsider” If we’re having artwork per team could it be the below symbol and wording with the punks wings either side? Cheers :slight_smile:


Any other drifters want to join us? :smiley:


K my team will be called The Cap’ns Crew and can the logo be a ships wheel

I choose Megan

Not gonna be at many shows this year tbh though


I reckon your Logo should be a snap back and a self tapper!!!


I’d love to head a group, and there are 5 or 6 of my friends who are fully prepared for a ‘Combustion Punks’ Japfest this year too. If I can captain a team, put me down as Team: JapCrap


What colours matey? or you going monochromatic?


No problem :smiley: have to give me their forum names so I can add them in to your team :smiley:


Just a note… the “flair” image that gets applied to your avatars gets forced to square proportions, so equal height and width… circles work natch, but anything long and thin gets squashed up… so we may need to adjust a few of the requested designs…


@websa @TEAMJapCrap Created and artwork done! behold the wonders! just need your member list next :smiley:


@TEAMGaijin made and artwork done… think it may require a bit more work though, you wanting colours on this @JoeDM?


@TeamCapnsCrew made and artwork done, members added , I might have to add a background to the image though, it is blending into the avatar image quite a bit. Any more members @corders?


Awesome! Please could you add @Harrison_Penfold, @Stefan_Waterman and @Chris_Windowss for the time being while the rest create their accounts? :slight_smile:


Done :smiley:


Sorry chap, can we go with silver/grey on a navy background?


Looks awesome mate, monochrome is fine if you cba to change it.