Announcing 'Punks Teams!


#Coming soon! Teams!

For the upcoming show and activities season we were hoping to introduce some friendly competition and were looking for some feedback / suggestions…

There will be 2 scoreboards
and teams

#Framework as it stands

Individual scoring to be based on
-Correlation to Badges earned
-Shows and events attended
-Blog posts
-Photos submitted

Team Scoring
-Anyone who wants to start a team can
-maximum of 6 members in a team
-Team captains get to name the team and select members (members have to agree to be a member, people can ask captains to be drafted)
-Team will get a badge / killmarking / stickers
-In team scoring, the captain selects 3 best scores to put forward (helps with balancing playing field between small v big teams)

End of the year prizes to be given out to top 3 individuals and teams!! Tophies to be handed around to be cherished for the year and handed on next.

custom merch options!

So… suggestions?
and who wants to Captain a team?

#Teams so Far

@JDM_Clare - @TEAMAwesome 5
@Yetidragon - @TEAMDauntlessFew
@Joe35? sheffield MX5s?
@linkheroz- @TEAMRAD
@Sketchy - @TeamToku
@JoeDM - @TEAMGaijin
@corders - @TeamCapnsCrew
@websa - @TEAMJapCrap

People looking for a team:-

Clare made me do it
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New for the 2017 Show Season. Featured cars on stand
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What's your day job?
Do we have any Software developers / Coders in the house?
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Introduce yourself.... and your car :D

hell yeah!! Go TEAMAWESOME! hmmmm… who to recruit…


Can me and @killachipmunk captain a drift team? :stuck_out_tongue:


JAE could end up being “combustion punks: civil war” if we all end up getting competitive.


thought you and @killachipmunk wold be going for a “RAD” team anyways :smiley:
I wanna get drifting into the competitions some how… workin on ideas :smiley:


more than 2 sides tho… more like a Battle Royale… :smiley: :rocket::gun::hammer::bomb:


RAD works for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Done… bask in the awesomeness of the RAD logo over your avatar Image :smiley: whos gonna be captain tho?


Ooh that I like! I’m going to say me, as I’m on here more often and more ‘active’


I’m in.
My team shall be called ‘Tōku’
Avatar orange lettering, blue background please - 遠く
It shall be most honourable group of mostly me in a bid to get those unable to include themselves included.



Whats that mean sketchysan?



Am I team?


Yep you are :smiley:
just not done art work yet… gimmie a bit tho…


artwork done and applied :smiley: team Toku is up and running :smiley:



Who’s with me???


Oh oh pick me pick me!

Also special offer! Pick me get a free midget!


Anyone joining team RAD can have a RAD sticker :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll captain Sheffield mx5s! Me and Jamie are going for most brake downs I think


Archly not keen on the 10 members thing, might have to call it something other than Sheffield mx5 coz we can’t really just have 10 people :confused: