About the Car Boot Sale category


Welcome to the Car Boot Sale!!

Firstly, new members can’t post… So if you’ve joined up to sell some stuff, you’ve got a whole bunch of posts and community input ahead of you before you’re gonna be able to… ( welcome though, go join in!)

Secondly, we’re a community and a community is largely based on trust, so for now, you’ll need to be a trust level 2 or above to post a thread/ advert here. (Find your statistics here) There is no posting of adverts on the Facebook group either, so please don’t try!

The rules!!

  1. no selling for a mate
  2. pictures to be included
  3. ALL adverts to have a price (unless #4 applies)
  4. swaps are welcome
  5. NO what is it worth posts

A template for your ease, (it’s not a necessity to copy and paste, but please stick to the principles)