A boring 5 minute video of Stelvio Pass

don’t say i didn’t warn you. even in the Alps you can get stuck in traffic apparently. doesn’t stop the scenery being awesome

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Those switch backs :hearts:

that whole area was just driving heaven. the Umbrail Pass which leads from Switzerland to the Italian border and straight onto Stelvio was very similar, except instead of being on an open mountainside it was in the middle of the trees. total contrast and i loved every minute

Looks so good! hoping to get a few driving trips under our belts next year :smiley: might have to add this area to the short list :smiley:

100% recommend it, plus there’s an awesome campsite at the bottom of the pass. easily do-able in 3 or 4 days round trip and the views throughout the whole drive on motorway or mountain pass are simply stunning

when i’ve done my write-up you’ll get an appreciation of how much distance can be done in a day, but also of how much choice there is on the continent for driving roads!

Sounds well worth it :smiley: deffo on the short list :smiley: ( Which I will have to go and make again seeing as this is a whole new forum )