50 Shades Of Red: Project


After having to let my last mazda go (I could of kept it but was an idiot😂) I managed to pick up new project
My 1992 hopefully (think it might be 1993) 1.6 Mazda


Today was productive morning, I undersealed the wheel arch side and side. Most messiest job I’ve ever done!!
Also went and got a new front wing too, to replace the rusty one!!from Suffolk Mazda. Think imma call the Mazda 50 shades of red now😂



gonna be fun trying to clean this!!! But did a little job in the engine bay today, I did a charcoal canister (what ever that is used for) delete, I managed to get one rusty bolt of that held the bracket for the charcoal canister but the other 10mm rounded off​:rage::rage: so left that on, gonna attack it another day but here’s some pictures of me messy bay image|375x500


Today I did a little job on the Mazda nd fitted harness bar, had to get some spacers made at work as the bolt was too long nd couldn’t find a bolt with the same fine thread as the oem one (normal bolt had different thread) so got these spacers in for the time being.


So today I thought I’d clean up some wires nd ugly stuff😂 on the left side of my bay. I ended up removing water expansion bottle, going to order a smaller one so I can hide it infont of my radiator. I ended up tucking some wires down side of the engine bay. ( will Be hiding them in the fender when weathers more warm😭)
Here’s a before and after picture. Still need to clean the engine bay but haven’t got motivation😪 Also want to hide the fuse box under steering column.


Today I thought I try add some paint (wrinkle pain) which didn’t come out too bad, think the wrinkle hides my painting skills!! Red for Ferrari🤪 here’s some pictures.

I thought I’d make myself a diy sealed expansion tank, as I want to relocate it in front of the radiator. Here’s V1, still need to mount it in… will mount it in when not so cold but now winter basically here. Much work to the 5 won’t get done… well maybe if I’ve got the energy to go out nd do bits but getting so cold!!