2020 Event List

Getting deep into organise the 2020 shows and meets :smiley:

Hopefully eveyone has noticed the new features on the f orum, being able to see events on an agenda view, Calendar view, of on a map, so you can see what events are coming up soon, local to you , that sorta thing.

we still have the 3 Super Peaks meets to schedule in, and a few other meets in the early planning phases. and we are still taking suggestions on any other shows to add to the list :smiley: but as it stands at the moment:-

  1. Yakushi Sunday 26th April
  2. Japfest Silverstone 3rd May
  3. Retro Rides Weekender 16th May
  4. Japshow 7th June
  5. Japfest Donington 18th June
  6. Trax Donington 19th June
  7. JAE 13th August
  8. Retro Rides Gathering 21st August
  9. Yakushi 11th September
  10. Trax Silverstone 4th October
  11. Japshow Finale 4th October

All the above should have threads in the events section, appear on the map and calendar etc. I will be adding more details as we go :smiley: and of course, I am always up for a little help on any event, or on any aspect of the club, always looking for photos, Vids, merch ideas etc. just shout up if you wanna get involved :smiley:

Other Possibles:-

Japanese Performance Show 16th August (Clash with JAE)
Spring Action Day 4th April
JDM Combe 6th June - day before Japshow - potential weekend of fun.