2019 spring super punks run march 31st


Well that time is rapidly approaching again, its been a long cold winter but its time to break out those shiny sports cars and take to the peaks once again, this year we are going to incorporate some awesome surrounding areas which include an airfield that we have secured for the summer punks run.

So here we go.


The yonderman cafe are very much looking forward to the upcoming spring and summer seasons and it wont be the same without us lot descending upon them a few times so this will be the meeting point, there will be time for refreshments, awesome breakfasts, great atmosphere and very welcoming staff and of course time to chat and meet new people and old (yeti lol).

The Yonderman Cafe
Wardlow Mires
SK17 8RW

Meeting here at 9.30 - 10. 00 leaving at 11.00 - 11.30


The oil can cafe, our second venue of the day, A popular Huddersfield visitor attraction,
The Carding Shed, which includes the Oil Can Cafe, High Society boutique and IK Classic Cars. This drive will take us through the most breath taking views that the peak district has to offer and along the famous Snake pass into glossop which is not too far from the venue.

The oil Can Cafe
Washpit Mills
Green Ln


The drive back via some amazing roads, impressive views and no doubt some fun and cocking around, you know who you are!!! we will had back into the peak district to end our day out in the fun little town of matlock bath, depending on weather will depend on how much parking is available but there are paid car parks if needed.

So there we are, lets kick off the 2019 season with a brilliant day out, lots of new cars, new faces, new venues and new adventures, we will always do our best to keep everyone in convoy but there are always those that lose the way, yes you know who you are too lol!!!

The super punks runs are brought to you via TEAM PMS who as always manage to keep everyone going and provide comical entertainment throughout. cant wait to see everyone…


Not long to go now!!! Can’t wait!!! :smiley:


Yep, first one always feels special as it kinda kicks off the season, and what a season we have coming up


Can’t wait for thissssssss :smiley:


Same here, I can actually come now :smiley:


Looking forward to this, hopefully my tyres won’t be rubbing. Keith, can I remind you to bring the injectors?



Are noobs allowed to join? :slight_smile:


Of course


Cool, I’ll get my rusty but trusty mx5 out, looking forward to meeting you lot.


Yeah great buddy, should be a good day and let’s hope this great weather holds, always good to meet new people


If you ain’t rubbing you ain’t dubbin!! So they say, so are you coming in a VW :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Started a gallery on the Facebook group… Share what ya got guys :slight_smile:



Managed to get home on the rest of the tank, only just. Great day out, looking forward to the next one. Thanks @Lokki for organising.


Ok… finally back at home :smiley:

I think I speak for us all when I say a massive thanks to @Lokki for today, we’ve had some great venues, and some great roads to play on :smiley:
I hear that @Lokki is already pressing on with some awesome plans for the next meet :heart:

Thansk to everyone who made the effort to come out and play today, the atmosphere and comradere was awesome as ever <3

Funny how we ended up in Bakewell again again… wonder why that is @Jaqs? :smiley: :wink: x

Thanks again one and all for a great day out :smiley: , keep your eyes peeled for the next one soon