2019 events and dates


2019 Shows to get our in our diary…

Japfest - May 5th
Retro rides weekender - May 18th
Japfest/trax Donnington -tba
Jap performance show - Aug 18th
Jae - tba
Trax Silverstone - Oct 6th

Happy 2019 Fellow Punks x
Punks 2019 Show calendar

Funnily enough ive been sorting out dates for my club too. Heres what ive got so far

2019 Show Dates

The Fast Show - Sun 7th April
Modified Nationals - 19-21 April
The Vauxhall Show - Sun 28th April
Early Edition - Sun 12th May
Retro Rides Gathering - 18-19th May
DAS Autoshow - Sun 2nd June
Alive n VDubbin - 7-9th June
Japshow - Sun 9th June
Retro Show - Sun 16th June
The Fast Show Reloaded - Sun 30th June
Ford Show - Sun 7th July
BMW Show - Sun 21st July
Bug Jam - 26-28th July
Silverstone Classic - 26-28th July
VW White Noise - 1-4th Aug
Mopar - 2-4th Aug
USC - 9-11th Aug
Japanese Performance Show - Sun 18th Aug
VW Action - 30-1 Sept
Japshow Finale - Sun 29th Sept

Players Classic - TBC
Players - TBC
Ultimate Dubs - TBC
Edition 38 - TBC
Ford Fest - TBC
Fitted UK - TBC
Ford Fair - TBC
Trax Donington - TBC
Japfest Donington - TBC
French Car Show - TBC


Awesome :slight_smile: thanks guys :smiley: xxx


JDM combe - 13th july


SAD - Spring Action Day 30th March Castle Combe


JDM Combe date now changed to Saturday 1st June (due to it clashing with Japfest Donington)


Players Classic - 22-23rd June
Ultimate Dubs - Sun 10th March
Early Edition - Sunday 12th May
Ford Fest - 21-22nd Sept
Fitted UK - Sunday 28th July
Ford Fair - Sunday 4th July
JAE - 8-11th August
Trax Donington - Sunday 14th July
Japfest Donington - Saturday 13th July

French Car Show - TBC
Edition 38 - TBC
Players North Weald - TBC