2018 Badge Amnesty


Well 2018 is slowly drawing to a close, there are only a couple of events left, and we are looking towards 2019 and another year of epicness (is that a word… If not it should be)
Part of next year’s plans is a reboot of the badge / points system, and in preparation for this we need to get all previous badges awarded lest we mess things up for next year… So take a look through the badge list and shout up if you are missing any and we’ll get them awarded (that is any missing from your badge list on here, not the physical stickers , we’ll sort them out separately)

What did you do to Punks today

I should have:

Sweet Ride
and some shows which I’ll work out when I get home.

Also, where is the new user tutorial?


All of them

(just summer/autumn peaks run '18)


i think im due a few but just looking at the sleeping beauty badge, there is a few names missing from that list mr james


hunter gather, reply by email, summer peaks and probably others too, also the wedding badge yet to be made oh and gold member lol


Think I need summer peaks run and breaker breaker