1/24 mods for Tamiya NA Roadster/MX5 kit

I’ve had these new parts up for sale on the Nutz forum and FB sale page for a week and thought I should see if anyone here was after any while the prices are low. Once the first batch is gone I’ll start selling on eBay and other places and the prices will go up a little.

I haven’t got photos done yet of finished packs but I have pictures of the original parts and of the production resin parts in place on a kit.


GV Lip £1.50

Feed Skirts £2.00

Large Ducktail (Perfect base to cut down to size for smaller versions) £1.50

OEM Rear Mudguards £1.25

All four above as a set £5.25

Offset Numberplate Mount and Tow Hook £1.25

Aero Mirrors £1.25

The above two as a set £2.00

4x 15" Pro Race 1.2S with black rubber 195/50/15 AD08R £8.00

Front and Rear Big Brake Upgrade £3.00

The above two as a set £9.50

A full set of everything is £15.50.

PayPal is scalecarmods@gmail.com but post what you’re after first as stock is limited. If you prefer not to send as a gift I’d ask for the 4.5% fee to be added as these prices are as low as I can go and still make anything.

Postage will be £3 for as many items as will fit in a standard 100x80x22 Large Letter package. Multiple sets of wheels might take two packets but I think you can fit at least one full set of everything in one packet.

I’ve got more planned and can make other bits if people have ideas and they prove popular. I particularly want to make more wheels and have already got a set of tyres drawn up with an inch more stretch to represent wider wheels.

I’ll be at Autotronix for the rolling road day on the 30th so if anyone wants to save on postage I can bring stuff up with me.

Cheers all



Hi will
Do you have?
GV Lip
Feed skirts
Number plate mount and tow hook
Meany thanks

PM’d you. I still have a few bits left from the original run and a load of new parts waiting to get cast, I’m just struggling to find someone reliable to do the casting!


Hi mate, please could you message me with what you have left? Interested! :grin:

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hello read your pw! :heart_eyes: